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The oldest known systems of healing were developed in India and China around 4000 years ago. While different therapies and exercises emerged from them for example; acupuncture, reflexology, yoga and meditation, the underlying principles are that a healthy body requires a free flow of energy, any impediment to the free flow of this life energy is considered to be the main cause of disease. Crystal healing therapy embraces this ancient wisdom.

Today a growing number of scientists and doctors are openly commenting that crystal healing can help certain conditions and that they appear to be able to influence the vibrational frequency of human tissue. They do, after all, have an energetic frequency of their own, which we make use of in all manner of things; in industry, lasers, computers, watches, liquid crystal displays, solar power and lots more.

Using crystals in healing therapy is a form of vibrational healing or "energy medicine" they are powerful tools when used by a qualified crystal therapist, they help balance the vital life force and bring about optimum health. Crystal healing therapy is natural and gentle and has no limits.

Each individual client is unique and needs are met by consulting on what the issue's are then choosing the correct crystals for the healing,  guided visualisation is used to relax the client I then place the crystals on and around the body (fully clothed), I am then used as a conduit to allow healing energy to flow through in to the client, whilst the crystals amplify the healing, clearing and accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
A complete cleansing of mind, body and spirit.


Example Treatments

Backache, Muscle Strain, Arthritis, Stress, Lethargy, Headache, Insomnia, Over-active mind, Pain, Depression, Hormonal Imbalance, Infertility, IBS, Psychological and Emotional issues. The list is endless as any ailment can benefit from Crystal Healing.




Testimonials and client feedback


"Thank you Kim for the amazing treatment.

With three huge cysts preventing me from continuing fertility treatment I felt desperate that I'd never be able to freeze my eggs for future. But I loved the healing session with you and was sure I could feel it working (though I didn't want to get my hopes up). But at a scan five days later all of the cysts had disappeared - I underwent the fertility treatment and now have a perfect egg in the deep freeze.

It wasn't just the healing but the insight you gave to me about the cause of my cysts (arguments!) that helped me to let go and heal. I feel a lot happier because I could complete the egg freezing treatment but also as I can now see the link between my emotions and body. You have great insight and a gift." Helen


"I have received crystal healing from Kim on several occasions and my hands have been healed, whereas I would have had to have them operated on.Each time I've been to Kim it leaves me spiritually uplifted and full of great love and joy.As long as Kim is there I will always go to her (you can feel the energy emanating from her) like no other. Kim is a wonderful healer and a beautiful person."     

Jennifer Martinelli 


When I first met Kim, I was a true sceptic, and before trying her crystal healing I wanted to see her clairvoyance skills... By which I was blown away. Her specific accuracy ie: names, dates, places was staggering and quite terrifying, despite trying my hardest to fight it, I could not deny she was spot on. I have since tried her crystal healing and after only a few sessions, have started to see results. Her manner is very calming and she tends to her clients with the utmost care and integrity. I hope to continue working with her long term as for the first time I believe someone may be able to really help me. Traditional healthcare has failed me.

J Jamil


Some eight years ago whilst working for a Production company and Bop Collective, I had been having a problem which had troubled me for many years. I was having trouble conceiving a child. I was frustrated and depressed as I had always wanted a son. The doctors had diagnosed Polycystic Ovary Disease and Endometriosis and abrasions on the wall of my womb. I had been under the care of a Gynaecologist that had given me Clomid a fertility treatment and various other tests and offered Laser treatment and I was considering IVF but the cost of the treatment and the waiting lists were not an option for me. I was introduced to Kim via an organisation based in the same building. I poured my heart out to Kim one day and she told me that she did Crystal Healing and that she may be able to help me. I jumped at the opportunity to attend a session with her. During the session Kim told me that I would have a son and that my spirit guides had operated and healed me. The session was really moving and I felt different and really light and no longer depressed about anything more optimistic than ever. 18 months later I found out that I was pregnant and I had a healthy baby boy that weighed 7.02oz. I can testify that Kim helped to change my life and I have recently had another session with her and I feel great!!!!  Please do not hesitate to speak to Kim she is wonderfully gifted and truly amazing. 
Love and Blessing to all peace be with you Juliet Lopez



I have known Kim  for a long time and I always enjoy going to her for my crystal healing sessions. I feel they really work , clear my head and my body and I always sleep like a baby after my session!!


Dear Kim, I would just like to say thank you for the most wonderful and amazing healing I have ever received in my entire life!!  I came into you feeling a very old woman and totally defeated with the pain and degeneration my arthritis was causing me.  My neck was causing such bad head pains. I was nearly getting run over because I could not look right and the noises and sensations in my head were frightening.  I left you with an amazing feeling of upliftment.The pains and noises in my head were negligable and I was able to look much further right.  I had such a wonderful feeling of well being.  I cannot thank you, or recommend you enough.  Peace, love and light

Pauline Searle


Thank you for the crystal healing session. I just wanted to email you to let you know that it cleared a lot of stagnant, heavy energy particularly around my head.  I’ve also noticed the shift of fear energy as I feel a lot more calm and hopeful about the future. DF



"Overall i just wanted to say all the work we have done is brilliant i am very grateful from the bottom of my heart. Saying the word thank you doesnt seem enough".






Get in touch with me to book yourself in for a Crystal Healing session or contact me with any questions you might have as to how this therapy can assist you in your personal development and healing journey.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Kim Alexis



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