February 2013

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Buddha.


Are you living your purpose? Do you chase the money instead of your passion? do you wonder why others seem to get the relationship, the life style or everything else you would desire, well it's all in the mind!


The most destructive force is mind chatter nothing else stops us from being who we truly are.

How many of us get up in the morning look in the mirror and say God your gorgeous, I love you just as you are,  what a great person I am, I'm going to have a great day, not many of us.

What we do instead is we create our own suffering and therefore reality, we say I hate my body, hair, nose, I hate this job, boss, spouse, house, I can't afford this or that, then we blame someone else or something else,  it totally invalidate us from who we truly are as wonderful spiritual beings.


You ALREADY ARE WHO YOU ARE not that which you want to be, you already are a writer, entrepreneur, artist, musician, healer, racing driver, athlete, whatever it is, if you believe you are NOW then it will be, simply by changing your thoughts, beliefs and mind chatter. Not I want to be, I AM, change your words and your outer reality will change with you. The real value of who you are can then come shining through.


One action we can do to make changes in our life is make a decision to succeed and commit to it. Do it with power and heart felt energy behind it and except nothing less.  All you have to do is change your mindset, and do it right now, then take action!

Yes we can have doubts but they will subside in time as your mindset gets stronger.     You can't change the past but you can have compassion towards it and move on.           You can't make your future unless you make a decision right here in the present. The key is, what do you want to do in moving forward? Once you've made the decision it's easy. See it in your mind and stick to it! 


To bring abundance, love and harmony into your life you need to change your beliefs, these are what you have possibly been programmed with since childhood. These are probably why things aren't working out for you because those old thoughts, beliefs and programmes are running you on an unconscious level.


I say all this because I can see how I used to be filled with insecurity and fear amongst many other issues but with hypnotherapy, and tapping into my subconscious mind and living my life from an altitude of consciousness I can now see myself creating a magical world. My new vision allows me to manifest all my dreams into reality.


And wow! what a wonderful reality it is. Each day new opportunites draw me closer to my goals and in contact with people I would not have thought possible. We CAN bring out the best in ourselves anything IS possible when we truly believe.


I am currently involved in larger public events as a spiritual medium. A wonderful new opportunity has arisen where I will be able to offer you a Sunday afternoon with a difference.

Please join me on Sunday 24th Feb from 2.30pm-5pm for a clairvoyant show at The Shadow Bar at the Empire Casino Leicester Square London W1.here's the LINK for online TICKETS  http://www.spiritualevents.co.uk/psychic-event-london-england-clairvoyant-evening.html 

For the first hour I'll be giving readings randomly to members of the audience. I will then be joined by medium Dan Evans.


So remember YOU too can co-create wonderful opportunities for yourself, just take out the little voice in your head that tells you that you can't, once that's removed the world is your playground...

Wishing you joy in manifesting! look forward to seeing you at the show.


With love & appreciation,

Kim x

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