Kim's March Newsletter


Hello Folks,


Spring is in the air!


This months newsletter is about ways to release stress, anger, insomnia and many other issues with a Spring Clean of your young mind.


During our childhood years we are open to absorbing many things. As children we develop survival behaviours which work well for us at the time and act as excellent protection mechanisms. However, they rarely work for us as adults and it is these Inner Child patterns that are often at the core of dysfunctional behaviour patterns in adulthood.

The Inner Child therapy will regress you back to uncover, explore and release unconscious emotions, core beliefs, hurts and fears locked in the unconscious of your younger self. These repressed emotions could be the cause of mental concerns and physical ailments in your current life which consequently may hold you back from relationships and who you really want to be.

Parts of ourselves may have fragmented or flown away so to speak so as not to feel the trauma, those parts of us need to be brought back into the body once more to feel back in the here and now not living in the past.

If we hold negative emotions of past experiences in our unconscious mind these are in our energy field too, so you will attract to you these similar types of people or situations that resonate on the same vibration.

Once these emotions and hurts are rediscovered you can begin to release and heal them in a guided and relaxed way allowing the child in you to feel safe and content. You will be able to deal with situations in the present rather  from acting on the old patterns. All mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages can then be resolved, moving you into a wellness vibration with a new understanding of self -acceptance, balance and freedom.

Work with your Inner Child and step in to Spring full of life!

Hypnotherapy works by revealing the subconscious mind, while suppressing the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is deeper-seated than the conscious mind, which needs to be reprogrammed to change the patient's behaviour and physical state.

For example, people consciously use everything they can to overcome a phobia, but the phobia still exists as long as their subconscious mind still has the problem. So it is this subconscious mind that needs to be reprogrammed to overcome the problem.

I no longer try to change outer things.

They are simply a reflection. 

I change my inner perception and the outer reveals its beauty

so long obscured by my own attitude.

I concentrate on my inner vision and find my outer view transformed.


Best wishes

Kim x