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I am a psychic spiritual medium, I am directly connected to spirit a higher intelligence. This means I am able to channel information from spirit guides and loved one's who have passed over. 

I read the subtle energy field also called aura of people, places and objects clairaudantly (hearing) clairvoyantly(seeing) and clairsentiently (feeling). My readings are very practical, straight forward with gentle guidance, they help clarify on issues that surround the client from relationships, work, health, family, travel. I address the core of the matter for the moment and into the future.

Over the years I have used my gifts which have helped many people including high profile celebrities.



Phone readings


With telephone readings my guides talk to the spiritual guides of the person who is on the end of the telephone line, this is no different to having a sitting face to face, although I prefer to do readings in person.


Skype sessions


Skype readings are now available so no matter where you are in the globe you can have a reading!


Event and Platform Mediumship


I have been performing stage readings at many spiritualist churches in and around London where I deliver messages to the audience from loved ones who have passed to the other side, this is to bring proof of life after death and that the soul lives on. These messages are convayed with comfort, humour and at times future premonitions.


Testimonials & Client feedback 

Read what my clients have said about my psychic spiritual mediumship readings



  "A truly authentic, heart-touching, blessing. Kim's ability to connect with the Unseen and bring through the Message is a gift for us all, it is life changing" Lulu, Artist



"When I first met Kim, I was a true sceptic, and before trying her crystal healing I wanted to see her clairvoyance skills...By which I was blown away. Her specific accuracy ie: names, dates, places was staggering and quite terrifying, despite trying my hardest to fight it, I could not deny she was spot on. I have since tried her crystal healing and after only a few sessions, have started to see results. Her manner is very calming and she tends to her clients with the utmost care and integrity. I hope to continue working with her long term as for the first time I believe someone may be able to really help me. Traditional healthcare has failed me."

J. Jamil. Model



"I went for a reading with Kim and was welcomed into her calm and tranquil space. She asked if she could hold my hands ‘that’s the best way for me to tune in ‘she said . I was amazed as she began to download guidance from spirit about my future. My experience was a feeling of flowing water curiously as wave upon wave of extraordinary accuracy about my life was spoken past present and future. She saw me on a platform in the USA  being publically acknowledged. To my amazement that was exactly what transpired I finished my gig in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Centre last November, I went out for some fresh air when someone from inside the hall texted and said come back in a famous speaker is praising what you did on a microphone on the platform’.  I recommend a visit!" 

Nikki Slade pioneer voice & sound work www.freetheinnervoice.com



“Kim was amazingly accurate in my reading and picked up on each of my new opportunities that were coming into my life presently which I had told no one, including those that were in another country.  She spoke of the success of the projects I am currently working on.  And she also told me about current and past relationships, as well as allowing me to figure out what was best for me in terms of the future.  Needless to say, I was a bit blown away that she was so pin-point accurate when she knew little about me prior to the reading.”

Pavel Mikoloski, Marketing Executive


Kim Whitton is without a doubt one of the best in her field.  Her healing guidance and spiritual insights are awesome. She speaks from her heart with a gentle, yet powerful approach and passionately walks her talk. I have been a client of Kim’s for several years and she never ceases to amaze me with her consistency. I highly recommend her teachings, talents, and skills to many clients and will continue to do so as like myself, they have all been blown away with the results.

Annie Ashdown, Author of Doormat Nor Diva Be. Founder of www.selfconfidencecentre.com. Co Host of Kyle’s Academy, ITV1.   



"I had a reading last night and was blown away with the accuracy of the reading. I was a bit lost within myself prior to the reading but felt better afterwards. Thank you for your time and patience." SL


‘I was very impressed with Kim’s reading.
Kim is delightfully sweet and gentle  but at the same time very precise, grounded and firm with the information she offers. She was totally spot on, clear and very helpful. I have left inspired and with a smile on my face. Everything she said totally resonated with me.

’Gosia Gorna, Life Coach


'Since seeing Kim I feel a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders and I have simply stopped worrying.  I found her manner extremely engaging and empathetic.  Not least, the reading was uncannily accurate and will be very helpful moving forward.' 

 Nerina, Life Coach




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Please feel free to contact me to book an appointment for a Psychic Mediumship Reading. 

Get in touch and ask me any questions you might have about the reading and how it can assist you in moving forward with your life and personal development.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Kim Alexis

EU Law states that all psychic / mediumship readings are for entertainment purposes only

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