Sardinia Retreat ladies looking very glam June 2018




I was fortunate enough to have attended Kim's retreat in June 2018. 
What can I say, but the whole experience was wonderful from start to finish... The setting of the charming family run hotel on the island of Sardinia was amazing as it was tucked away amidst an incredible landscape of a dramatic rocky coastline and sandy beaches with endless sparkling blue sea, wherever you go to there are endlessly memorable breathtaking vistas.  
The workshops were very powerful and Kim's attention to detail and gracious manner ensured 
that despite the huge amount of learning that was done, it was an effortless joy to attend them. 
After the workshops we lolled around the pool catching some sun or in more adventurous moments sailing or hiking down to the coast or pootled around on bicycles exploring surrounding countryside. 

Our evenings were brilliantly planned to encompass getting together to explore the surrounding towns brimming with rustic Sardinian charm coupled with great food, wine & some adventure! 

All in all, the week flew by & as we all said our goodbyes at the airport, some of the magic we all experienced on the retreat will stay with us as happy memories & heartfelt incredible learning... 
Many Thanks to Kim for being a wonderful host & the participants for sharing the retreat together. Faizia






If you are seeking to shift from old ways of thinking and behaving, to change the way you feel about yourself to something that will be empowering and everlasting and grow your intuition this retreat is for you.

Last September's Sardinia retreat and this June were a resounding success and I'm happy to report another retreat is on the cards. Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping others to feel good about themselves from the inside out, connect with loving your self and assist you on your soul's journey. 

So with that in mind, if you're looking to escape the stress of a busy life, completely relax, learn and rejuvenate to inner peace and wellbeing, you've come to the right place.

Set in a romantic location, in the little town of Calasetta on the island of Sant’ Antioco. This charming 3* hotel is situated just 500 yards from the unspoilt natural beach. Your room is set in a semi-circle around the swimming pool and the landscaped gardens. The hotel has an intimacy and a tranquillity imbued by the sound of the sea and the sunsets to restore mind,body and spirit.


What does it take to create the kind of life-altering transformations that make a profound, meaningful and lasting difference in a person's life? - Spiritual awakening! 


Whether you are a beginner or advanced you're going to start discovering the 'secret ingredients' allowing you to fully explore your natural intuitive abilities to enhance your psychic and spiritual awareness. Creating life-changing transformations over time, releasing the old self for the incredible potential you hold within, awakening to the new you!


Over this fabulous week in this relaxing stunning environment we will cover many fun and profound esoteric exercises to enhance your intuitive psychic abilities to assist you on your spiritual journey.


These will include clairvoyance (vision), clairsentience (feelings), clairaudience (hearing), intuition (impressions), prophecy (premonitions), chakra alignment, deep uplifting guided meditations, meeting your spirit guide, past lives, power animals, goddess, angels, auras, healing, crystals, grounding and protection, cutting cords to relationships and healing the inner child.  


All welcome, beginners and advanced.


Workshops will take place in the mornings.There will be plenty of time to luxuriate around the pool, sunbathe on the beaches, stroll around the rural landscape, take a taxi into Calasetta town for the mouth-watering Sardinian cuisine to savour, bike rides and ferry excursions for sightseeing trips to other parts of the island. 


Learn, relax, awaken, manifest, emerge a powerful vibrant new you!



For more information email / 07811064604



Kim's retreat is the best personal enrichment work I've ever undertaken. I came home a totally different person – more clear and enlightened than I've ever been. Kim's retreat is truly a life-changing experience. Plus Sardinia was the perfect setting. DO NOT MISS OUT! Sarah 2017


I loved the variety of clairvoyance sessions you took us through. Animals, objects, relationship ties, regression.

I loved the location of our gathering each day - on your terrace with the pool and sea in the background.

I think the number in the group was perfect.

It was lovely how we had a mix of ages in the group.

I loved the remoteness of the accommodation and that fact it didn't feel touristy and was family run.

I loved the beaches you took us to.

Loved the music you played during the sessions. Lisa 2017


I’m so glad I went on Kim’s retreat. I achieved exactly what I wanted: a closer connection with myself and the universe. Kim also gave us the tools to carry on practising everything she taught us after the retreat too, which has been invaluable. I also gained some new friends along the way, a great gift! Charishma 2017


Dearest Kim,

The Sardinia holiday was a wonderful experience for me. You hosted it so beautifully. I arrived feeling stressed and guilty for taking time out from work and for myself, and left having experienced one of the happiest holiday’s ever! You judged the balance between work and play perfectly - that was a big part of the holiday’s success. Our work guided by you was insightful and rewarding.

Taking my mother on this trip was an extraordinary privilege. Now she’s not so well I am so grateful we did this and got rid of some emotional baggage. And the process was so delightful: I have an image of her floating in a perfectly calm sea looking about 30. What an extraordinary gift you gave us in making that happen.


It’s so helpful to have these memories of happy times and spiritual growth.

I do hope you run many more of these and I will be checking in on them regularly.


Fondest love

Louisa 2017




Kim Alexis – Hypnotherapist, Psychic Spiritual Medium, Crystal Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Intuitive Coach & Workshop Teacher, 18 years experience.


Scroll down for more details



Retreat Itinerary subject to change


Day 1. Learning about the aura, chakras, energy and crystals with guided meditation

Day 2. Spirit guides meditation and tarot readings.

Day 3. Crystal guided meditation, psychometry (objects) readings.

Day 4. Past life regression guided meditation, psychic creative writing.

Day 5. Guided meditation your power animals, psychic drawing, psychic messages.

Day 6. Meditation to angels & priestesses, healing old wounds - mother, father,                    siblings. Healing the inner child.

DAY 7. Learning from and healing romantic relationships, romance tarot readings, 

             mediumistic spirit connections.



 Bank transfer- 30% deposit payable non- refundable, full payment 10th August 2018.


What's included;

Hotel accommodation bed & breakfast.


Transport to and from Cagliari Elmas Airport (from London)


SINGLE ROOM SUPPLEMENT 28 Euros per night.

Beach towels

Beach bed & umbrellas.


Shuttle to the beaches; free service for three nearest beaches and Calasetta town. 

Free Wi-Fi



Not included; 

Flights EasyJet, Ryan Air, British Airways fly to Cagliari Elmas Airport.

Taxis to UK airports.

All restaurant lunches, dinners and beverages.

All ferry excursions.


Day trip on yacht-lunch-snorkeling 80euros, spa day Hotel Lu 38 euros, magical mermaid diving lady,  archaeological museum trip.


Some questions I've been asked;


I'm interested in spiritual matters but don't work as a psychic/healer/medium is this retreat still for me?

Yes, the skills you will learn will make a profound difference in your personal life. When you learn to communicate deeply with your higherself and spirit, you're able to powerfully align with your true purpose and create a more authentic joyful life.

What will happen at the workshops?
Each morning after breakfast there will be a guided meditation on a different topic example; meet your angel or power animal, crystal healing, you will learn different ways to work with your intuitive psychic abilities mostly working in pairs, covering many different techniques and for some to mediumship level, which means hearing, seeing, sensing spirit guides and loved ones. You will release old ways of thinking and blocked energy allowing for growth and empowerment. All the topics we will cover are listed above.

I'd love to enrol but it's a risk how do I know it's worth it?
It's scary to invest in something new and unknown I understand, of course you want assurances it will pay off right? I can't promise you the world but I can promise I will do everything I can to help you grow as a spiritual human being or should I say "you’re a spiritual soul having a human experience." Once you become a student on the spiritual path it's a journey for life. I can also promise, you will feel empowered and you will have some fun and laughter along the way, as well as being with like-minded people who may very well become your new friends through this sharing, connecting process. 


Crystal Healing Workshop 19 May 2018

12-4pm Belsize Park NW3

The oldest known systems of healing were developed in India and China around 4000 years ago. While different therapies and exercises emerged from them for example; acupuncture, reflexology, yoga and meditation, the underlying principles are that a healthy body requires a free flow of energy, any impediment to the free flow of this life energy is considered to be the main cause of disease. Crystal healing embraces this ancient wisdom.


On this day you will learn the basics that the crystal kingdom has to offer you for healing yourself, others and everyday use.

Each crystal holds an energy vibration, we will cover;

Cleanse, tune and dedicate crystals

Crystals and chakras(energy points) in the body,

Crystal healing the aura

Crystal wands and shapes

Crystal layouts/grids

Crystals for grounding and protection

And much more….


This day will be interactive with questions and answers, exercises will include working in pairs.

You’re welcome to bring along your own favourite crystals, there will be plenty here for you to use. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced you will gain insights into the wonderful world of the crystal kingdom. £45


Contact for Venue details

Payment by PayPal



2018 date TBC

Please join me for this transformational day.You will be healing a part of yourself that has been waiting for a very long time to be acknowledged, your Inner Child. You will explore and release emotional wounds, beliefs, hurts, bring awareness to parental conditioning and how it affects your life and romantic relationships now, locked in your younger self.

Often our Inner Child developed survival behaviours which worked well for us at the time and acted as excellent protection mechanisms. However, they rarely work for us as adults and it is these Inner Child patterns that keep us locked in at the core(heart) of dysfunctional behaviour patterns, unfulfilled relationships, anxiety, sleeplessness, anger, lack of self –worth, confidence and numerous other problems in adulthood.

You will be guided on an inner healing spiritual journey meeting your Inner Child helping them, healing them, loving them. You will be cutting emotional cords and connecting to hero's and heroine’s as well as drawing with crayons(no experience required). Integrating new feelings of forgiveness, acceptance and heart opening peace. Freeing yourself from the past to bring in a new energy vibration, attracting more harmonious situations and relationships into your life which will manifest on this new frequency, enabling you to live in the now.
£50 Paypal or cash on day, 12pm-3pm.

Belsize Park


Full address give when you make contact. Any questions please get in touch

The ego gets highly activated when it comes to romantic relationships because relationships are where we hold the most wounding.
We've all felt disappointed or hurt by a relationship in the past; we carry the memory of this wound into adulthood (sometimes unconsciously). If a wound from childhood is still active within you, you'll attract people who will highlight the same feeling.

For example, if your wounding is centred around feeling rejected or unseen, it's likely that you'll feel a similar way in your relationships as an adult.
You are programmed to attract people who activate your wounds (because we attract what we are and what we believe). This gives you an opportunity to grow.
The growth process is frustrating! But think of it this way: You're replaying your wounds so you can finally heal them. We cannot heal anything we don't feel or see; we can't heal things that are unconscious! The uncomfortable feelings have to come to the surface for you to grow beyond them.
And how do you grow beyond it?
By identifying with your Higher Self.

Remember, your Higher Self is the part of you that knows the truth about you. It knows that you are worthy, amazing, capable, and powerful. Through the lens of the higher self, you are whole. Yes, you're an imperfect human with flaws; but the larger truth is: you're a Soul.
You're beautiful.
You're important.
You're special.
You're love.
This is what the Higher Self knows about you - and it wants you to know this, too.

Facilitator Kim Alexis
Eighteen years’ experience. Spiritual coach, transpersonal psychology, psychic spiritual mediumship readings, past life regression, clinical hypnotherapy, crystal healing, radio host .Turning emotional wounds into wisdom. Freedom from behavioural patterns, relationship issues, anxiety, fears, phobias, anger, habits, public speaking, lack of self–worth, confidence and much more.

See you at the workshop!


Join us on 17th July for an Evening of Mediumship & the Quantum Law of Attraction with John Healey, Aldo Raffa, Kim Alexis, Terri Stromeyer and Simon Hinton at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1. Advance tickets only £15.00 inc a glass of wine. Buy tickets online at — at Conway Hall.

Psychic at Tate Modern
Psychic at Tate Modern

Jon Fawcett's art installation where I performed as a psychic, part of the art concept exploring the world of conspiracy theories and new age ideas. The Tanks Tate Modern.

I have given many psychic readings at celebrity events, one being the Moulin Rouge film premier party, yes Nicole and Ewan were there!

Sadie Frost, Kate Moss, Gemima French with other celebrity actresses and models at the Soho Hotel featured in Grazia Magazine.Bulgari Jewellers celebrity baby shower at Claridges Hotel photographed by Vogue. Front Magazine launch party at the Café de Paris Piccadilly.

I have been featured on radio, in newspapers and magazines.

"For Any Woman" Christmas 2013 edition featured interview




 Tuesday Evening 7.30pm-9.30pm

Belsize Park


Count me in! This class is oxygen to me, the energy I connect with here takes me through the rest of the week in blissful serenity -Lulu Wills. 


What does it take to create the kind of life-altering transformations that make a profound, meaningful and lasting difference in a person's life? - Spiritual awakening! 


Whether you are a beginner or advanced you're going to start discovering the 'secret ingredients' allowing you to fully explore your natural intuitive abilities to enhance your psychic and spiritual awareness. Creating life-changing transformations over time.



These weekly classes will allow you to fully explore your natural abilities to enhance your intuition, psychic and spiritual awareness. We will cover clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), psychometry (holding objects), guided meditation, meeting your guides, crystals, past life regression, mediumship, chakras, grounding and protection and anything else you wish to know connected with your spiritual journey....


All levels welcome from beginners to advanced, all classes are undertaken in a positive and encouraging atmosphere where students develop at their own pace.

For further info

call 07811064604 /