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Wow! What an amazingly busy month this has been where do I start! The Tate, Yoga Retreats or EMDR?....


Ok, let's begin with all you Yoga lovers, I have recently teamed up with Love of Yoga.


Love of Yoga comprises of a team of dedicated yoga experts headed by Dora Winter and business partner Matt Clark, and between us we have created YogaHypno, check out January retreat in Morocco at http://www.loveofyoga.co.uk/

They offer wonderful yoga holidays and retreats in Morocco, Spain and soon Italy. Yoga and hypnotherapy go hand in hand, how come I hear you ask, well ....

Yoga Asanas are postures that rebalance body and mind, stretch the muscles releasing tension, toxins and trapped energies. It is often the case that many emotional feelings come to the fore after a yoga session, these feelings maybe related to unknown stress, anxiety, fear or guilt held in the body and locked in the subconscious mind.


If these thoughts and feelings are not addressed then all manner of ailments can manifest such as migraines, IBS, psoriasis, ulcers, the list is endless. So this is where Hypnotherapy can help to release the thoughts and feelings allowing for total relaxation and energy flow of the mind/body connection.


A hypnotic state is simply a feeling of being relaxed coupled with a heightened state of awareness, similar to the state experienced during Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation. Yoga practises bring us towards a state of receptivity allowing us to be in the best possible position to benefit from hypnotherapy.


During a hypnotherapy session the client is gently guided into a very relaxed state where communication with the subconscious mind can be accessed. The subconscious mind houses our emotions, thoughts and intuition, it is our guide and advisor, a reservoir of strength and knowledge. Our conscious mind, however, can have a different agenda to that of the subconscious mind, making it difficult to change things through sheer will alone. When using Hypnotic suggestion we open up communication with the subconscious to clear and remove negative habits and provide positive beneficial suggestions to to help us move forward in life.


Now for something completely different....

Last week I was involved in a collaboration with the artist Jon Fawcett at Tate Modern no less! I and six other psychics were part of his art installation called Whum and EIR.


'Whum' is a slowly rotating, 7-metre wide wheel made up of nine cylindrical vessels containing undisclosed materials, with a further 10 pods around the wheel. As it turns, 'Whum' creates a folding force or "torsion" between itself and the vessels, affecting anyone in proximity to it - a process based on research into the pseudo-science around Einstein's unfinished Unified Field Theory and the Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy theory. Its counterpart, 'EIR', is made up of six booths, each manned by a psychic who take visitors through a questionnaire on their background, beliefs, interests and skills.

The psychics are not there to provide insight, but to 'screen' participants for recruitment with a secret organisation. Here the artist delves deeper about his stance on conspiracy theories and interest in electromagnetic fields...


Read more here; www.dazeddigital.com/.../jon-fawcett-eir-whum?...Jon-Fawc

Tate Modern
Tate Modern

EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing)


EMDR is a powerful psychotherapy method which comes within the category of pattern interrupt techniques and can be effective in reprocessing disturbing memories and bringing them to a therapeutic resolution. EMDR studies have proven the effectiveness of the method in relation to helping to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder, it has also been proved to be effective for many other symptoms /conditions including phobias, drug and alcohol addictions.


It's originator, psychotherapy researcher Francine Shapiro 'discovered' EMDR through a walk in the park!

During a period of some emotional turmoil she was walking in a park and due to the amount of bright sunlight she was moving her eyes from side to side. She noticed a reduction in the amount of emotional stress she was experiencing and was curious as to whether her eye movements could have had any affect.


Shapiro's research led her to consider how traumatic thoughts and experiences are normally processed in something which is known as the ' Accelerated Information Process Model (AIP)'. During our regular periods of sleep we normally enter a period of sleep known as 'REM' (meaning rapid eye movement) which corresponds to the period when we dream. It is during this period when scientists believe that we 'process' all our experiences, good, bad and on occasions very unpleasant and our subconscious mind performs a kind of 'sorting' process which normally allows traumatic thoughts to be gradually integrated and accepted, over a period of time.


However for some people there are occasions on which the AIP does not seem to work effectively and people who have (for example) been traumatised are stuck in a repeating pattern known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you or anyone you know should be interested in this technique please feel free to contact me info@kimalexis.co.uk


Annee De Mamiel asked us to produce a base formula of crystals and flower remedies for her products after hearing about our "Love In a Mist Space & Aura Sprays, so we were busy creating that for her new Altidude Spray which will be out soon, you can see her other products here http://www.demamiel.com/ and of course more of our sprays on my website http://www.kimalexis.co.uk/


Two annoucements about friends of mine...

LEARN EFT with my good friend and colleague Zoe Clews and Carey Mann.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a little like acupuncture without needles. It involves tapping on meridian points on the body helping to clear conflicts and imbalances in the body and the mind. The ability to get to the heart of the matter and extract all of the associated blocks around the issue is the key to the success of this treatment PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND PRICES. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3814003788/kimwhitton/35409519632


Level 1 & 2 (Combined) Practitioner Course and Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting Certified Practitioner Training accredited by AAMET Investment of £345 - £50 deposit to secure your place http://www.eftmatrixreimprintingtraining.com/ http://www.zoeandcarey.com/


Last but not least, my lovely friend Sandy Robson has just had her book published on kindle "Past Trauma and Sexual Addiction One Woman's Story Of Healing" available for free!

from August 24th for five days clink on links below for more info and interview.




I hope you find this of interest...


Enjoy the Bank Holiday!

With Love

Kim x