Kim's Newsletter Christmas 2011


Hope you all had a wonderful festive time.

2012 brings with it lots of hopes so what can you expect for the coming year? Is this year loaded with potential for you? Will you be attracting that special someone? Will this be a decisive period in your marriage? How far reaching are your career prospects? Will there be better financial flow? Will you maintain a balance in your health? When is a good time to move?....

All these questions and more can be answered in one of my psychic readings. All it takes is an hour to sit down quietly and receive the knowledge of the past, present and future. You can even have a reading over the phone! Take a look at my testimonials. As you are here this is my new website it's not finished yet but do take a look around.

We think of all the positive things we want to do in the coming year and it's exciting to think what can be achieved, but hold on a minute haven't we already tried to stop smoking, lose weight, cut down our drinking, give up our habits, not get so stressed or angry about work, family, relationships, the list is endless...well with the right frame of mind anything is possible. Frame of mind now there's an interesting thought! Let's take weight loss for example.

A habit is a repeated action or behaviour that has been learned over time. A habit is simply a skill by another name. Your subconscious just does whatever it is programmed to do, for example in childhood you may have been told you must finish everything on your plate. It has received bad programming, through the suggestions it picks up through your five senses; hearing, seeing, taste, touch, smell, your habits play a big role as do your emotions. So, no matter how hard you try to break a habit at a conscious level of mind, your subconscious mind is much more powerful and will win you over, eventually causing you to go back to what is considered normal for you and that could be eating all the wrong foods and too much of them. Severe the emotional ties, see yourself slim and it will become a reality it's possible with the right frame of mind and my unique hypnotherapy techniques.

Here's another Smoking!

Hypnosis is the second most effective way of making someone stop smoking, after heart disease but ahead of lung disease.

            Hypnosis is three times more likely to succeed than will power alone.   

Hypnosis is 50% more effective than all other smoking  cessation methods put together.     

If you want to stop smoking, and don't want to wait for a heart attack, hypnosis is clearly and unarguably your best bet. Not everyone can afford personal therapy - though if you can afford cigarettes you can afford about ... £5/day, £35/week, £1,800/year, £18,000/decade, £72,000 (or less) between starting it and being killed by it ... you could save a lot of time, and £68,000 by just hiring someone to assassinate you, but I digress - not everyone is going to get help for whatever reason. But all joking aside this is a serious issue and my unique hypnotherapy techniques can help you and it won't do you any harm it might just save you a lot of money and an early death.

So here's to a fab new year, may it be healthy, abundant and full of joy.

Kim x

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Crystal Healer, Psychic & Spiritual Medium, Producer of "Love In A Mist" Space & Aura Sprays.

 None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows