Summer brings with it all those lovely warm long evenings of friends and lovers in skimpy cloths sipping long drinks outside restaurants, pubs and bars. Seeing some lovers happy hugging and kissing, others strolling along hand in hand while there's those with angry faces shouting in tears after drinking one too many.

The perfect relationship, does it exist? Well no, because none of us are perfect. Most of us want to be in one, are looking for one, aregoing back into one or coming out of one.  

Perhaps the root to these relationship troubles lies with our parents or guardians. If we felt loved and wanted, if we have seen our parents fighting, going through a difficult divorce, in abusive relationships these will all have had an affect on the relationships we gravitate towards.


Then what happens we get ourselves into a relationship only to be hurt through mistrust, possessiveness, unfaithfulness, jealousy, clinging, stifled unable to be ourselves, workaholics so we feel alone, physical or emotional abuse, alcoholics, drug addicts and sex addicts, we end up alone and broken hearted. Or are we one of those that jump straight from one bad relationship to another because we can't bear to be alone, or into a married affair because that's safer so we won't get hurt again, or taking second best because we're afraid no one else will want us, not painting a pretty picture am I.


Sometimes our unconscious mind is still running all these old hurts we've experienced, even though our conscious mind may be saying I feel good now, I'm over the heartbreak and ready for a new healthy relationship, so here I go!. ..Only to find we unconsciously choose another partner who is just like the one we had before so a pattern emerges or another that breaks our heart. Could it be that we actually believe unconsciously we're not good enough, unworthy of love and a healthy relationship? If you aren't having a loving relationship with yourself you aren't going to be having one within a relationship that's for sure.


We seem to be good at falling in love, but we're not very good of falling out of it, we seem to not have a threshold until were so totally exhausted. Like the mother with her children who gets regularly beaten black and blue by her drunken husband and ends up in a woman's shelter. They know they need to get divorced and keep their children safe only to go back to them. When asked why they reply "because I love him"

If they could see how little love and respect they have for themselves I think this wouldn't happen.


In hypnotherapy we can help to uncover some of the root causes to emotional negative beliefs, we can re-programme the unconscious and break the cycle so that a new you can emerge. This process is a relaxed state not much different to being in a relaxed meditation or day dream but with suggestions applied. If we can remove feelings of lack of self- worth, self- esteem, unworthiness and instil feelings of positivity, confidence, attractiveness, and a belief that there is a good kind partner ready and waiting for us in the world and that your one of the lucky ones, then love and loving can continue to shine and flow through so love can live happy ever after.


For help with any emotional issues please do get in contact I'm happy to help, listen and talk things through.


I swear, since seeing Your face, the whole world is fraud and fantasy

the garden is bewildered as to what is leaf or blossom. The distracted birds

 can't distinguish the birdseed from the snare. A house of love with no limits,

 a presence more beautiful than venus or the moon,

a beauty whose image fills the mirror of the heart.



Tonight was the first of my weekly Psychic & Spiritual Development Class. We were all able receive, even those that were beginners with visions, sensations, prophecy, thoughts and feelings coming through, we used lots of different techniques to allow this to happen and everyone had an enjoyable and fun filled evening.

The next class will be held on thursday 14th June at 7.30 arrival time 7. 20 the Quaker House (library room) Heath St. Hampstead

Hope to see you there!


Warm regards,

Kim x


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Spiritual Medium, Crystal Healer