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There's no mystery or magic behind hypnosis, it a natural part of human behaviour, just like day- dreaming, being completely engrossed in a film or book for example or driving and realising your mind has been thinking about other things whilst your body has automatically been steering the wheel, these are all a types of hypnosis whereby you are in a relaxed focused state of concentration, an altered state of consciousness has occured which individuals have allowed themselves to enter.


In a hypnotherapy session the client is gently guided into a relaxed state, communication with the unconscious mind can be opened. The unconscious houses our emotions, our thoughts and our intuitions, it is our guide and advisor, a reservoir of unrecognised potential strength and knowledge.

However, our unconscious mind can have a different 'agenda' to that of our conscious mind and the body, and it can be difficult to change things through sheer 'will' (conscious effort) alone, no matter how determined an individual we may be. When using hypnotic suggestion I open up communication with the unconscious to clear and remove negative habits providing positive beneficial suggestions to 'reprogramme' the unconscious enabling new behaviours.

During hypno-analysis I work on a 'cause and effect' basis, looking for the reason 'behind' the unwanted behaviour, mindset or habit. I communicate with the unconscious to uncover, resolve and clear any outstanding issues from the past as well as using hypnotic suggestion to create the new positive behaviours and mindsets.

Both methods work together aligning the conscious with the unconscious enabling you to gain unity, harmony and mastery over your life.


Most people have a limited understanding of Hypnotherapy it is very relaxing and safe, you are aware and in control at all times, there’s no such thing as being stuck or doing anything against your will.

Many professional bodies have confirmed the powerful effects of hypnotherapy including the

British Medical Association.

Other methods used CBT (cognitive behavoural therapy) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).


Example Treatments

Hypnotherapy can benefit: fears, phobia's, anxiety, panic attacks, pain relief, stress management, anger management, unwanted habits, self- esteem, confidence, smoking cessation, weight loss, emotional pain/relationship issues 'feeling stuck', menopause, plus much more...


Smoking Cessation read more..



“It is time for hypnosis to work its way into the mainstream of British medicine,” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/5468518/British-surgeons-should-hypnotise-patients-for-some-operations-says-academic.html



Yoga-hypno www.loveofyoga.co.uk  Hypnotherapy on retreat in Morocco January 2013


Testimonials and client feedback


"I had been a smoker for over 20 years and had made no real attempt during that time to give up. Having passed 40, and as my ability to climb stairs, walk long distances diminished, I needed to stop.  My wife persuaded me to see Kim, albeit I was a little sceptical at whether she would be able to help me overcome my addiction.  I smoked my last cigarette five minutes before walking through her front door. Less than two hours later I was a non smoker - 18 months later that is still the case. Hypnotherapy allied to crystal healing allowed me to break my need for tobacco. Something I will always be grateful to Kim for."
Paul Ryan


I approached Kim for hypnotherapy as I had booked a holiday to Cuba and was beginning to panic about the 9 hour flight. I had experienced terrible panic attacks both before and during flights in the past which had left me exhausted and ill on holiday, and I was worried it would happen again. I had 2 sessions with Kim which left me feeling much more confident, and also with strategies I could use to help me during the flights if I needed it. I even began to look forward to the holiday with excitement rather than dread! In the event I actually enjoyed the flights, for the first time they felt part of the holiday and not something to be endured. I felt pretty relaxed, and only once had to use a visualisation technique during a bit of turbulence. I would recommend trying hypnotherapy with Kim for any fear or phobia. Sarah


Kim, I have to tell you that I have not overeaten but once since I saw you 4 weeks ago and while my weight loss is slow, it doesn't feel like I'm dieting, nor is it as difficult to turn away from things that would've harmed me. I'm on radio on Sunday and I'm definitely going to talk about what you have done for me. Thank you beyond words. Kate



I came to Kim suffereing with paralysing anxiety and overhelming feelings of doom and hoplessness at times, I trusted Kim immediately. She offered me a refuge every week where I felt understood without judgement. Kim's intuition alongside the tools of hypnotherapy and crystal healing helped me to come closer to an understanding of the underlying causes of my distress.

I naturally feel more compassionate towards myself and I am more able to recognise and avert the thought processes that I would normally had no defense against. Kim continues to be a huge support on my journey towards a life of freedom and contentment. Davina



Kim, thank you so much for Everything. Looking back over this year I feel as if I am looking back at a different person, though I know it's me. You are beautiful, wonderful and amazing. See you soon! Urvisha 


"I've seen Kim intermittently over the years for help with various problems, mainly acute anxiety, she has always helped me enormously, with her kind, patient,holistic approach using crystal healing, spirit release, hypnotherapy and past life regression she has aided me enormously from my journey out of pain and into power.   The faith she always had in returning to wellbeing was a real anchor in the times of darkness,and the results I have experienced speak for themselves.  Kim spends a good 2 hours of time dedicted to you and your issues - something not a lot of therapists offer as you are rushed out after an hour, I never felt that way with Kim.   I am enormously grateful for the wisdom, kindness and understanding she has shown me." 


"I found the session extremely beneficial and felt very comfortable with you.Your vibe was gentle yet firm and I felt totally supported. You are truly gifted and use those gifts for the benefit of others and I was grateful to be on the receiving end. With sincerirty Lara"


The big improvement was that i was very calm in the airport and before boarding a plane. And the best of all is that I havent had any nightmares of flying or flight crashes etc since before Christmas, and that is such a huge relief. Thanks a lot for your help, and support.







Please get in touch to book your Hypnotherapy session or ask any questions you might have to find out how Hypnotherapy can assist you in your personal development journey.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Kim Alexis





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