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Deja-Vu? Been here before? Met a stranger who you feel you already know? The longing to travel to a particular place? An irrational wish? Or perhaps you have an outstanding skill that you have never been trained in. Where does this all come from?


Past Life Regression is a relaxing hypnotic experience where the individual is allowed to sense, feel, hear and see situations from another time and place enabling them to shed light on some of these mysteries. Exploring your past lives can bring insights into your current life.


Using appropriate crystals and guided imagery the client is moved into a state of hypnotic relaxation from where we can address the unconscious directly. The unconscious is the memory bank holding the keys to our past lives. The client is guided throughout the session to view, recall and heal their experiences. All the information is accessed solely by the client, moving forwards and backwards through the significant events in that life time in a safe and confidential environment.


Research in this area has come from hypnosis which is now being accepted as a valuable tool for healing the mind. Some of the research in this field has come from Buddhism, Hinduism, Einstein's theories and Jung.
Buddhism and Hinduism teach that the mind is the soul of man. Einstein's theories have brought us another understanding of energy and energy fields and how mankind is connected to the universe, and of course Jung's the collective unconscious.

Because so much of the treatment in the medical field today is based on the symptom and not getting to the source of the problem within the mind, there is a need to approach this area of healing on a holistic basis.


Many mental, emotional and physical problems are quickly and effectively solved through Past Life Regression. By practising Past Life Regression we aim to bring about this freedom, leaving you with the ability to move forward in this life time with a deep level of knowing, acceptance and self love.  



Testimonials and client feedback


"As an energy worker myself, I am very careful about who I go to for healing work. I have known Kim for a couple of years, having been introduced to her at an event. I knew instantly upon meeting her that I could trust her and that she had the necessary skill and capacity to help me. I have had four past life regression sessions with Kim. Each one was deeply transformational. At each step of the process I felt supported, held and guided. Kim doesn't rush. She ensured that I was able to take my time both in preparing for the sessions and processing afterwards. She is obviously very gifted at what she does because I was able to reach levels and depths with her that I have been unable to access with others. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am deeply grateful to her and look forward to continued work with her ".

Sheba Remy Kharbanda



"Kim I would like to thank you for my first visit, where we did regression and clearing, I left the session feeling light on my feet and more positive about the future and what it holds. And for my second visit for the clarity and honesty you matained and delivered through out,  I know it was a difficult session, but somehow i picked up some strength to carry me through the next unavoidable experience of the next part of my life. I feel your professional, kind, direct and positive manor easy to deal with, not to much jargon for me to try and understand in lay mans terms.  I have recommended you to all my friends and will be visiting you soon."

 Mel Brown



"My work with Kim was really valuable to me.  I felt like I was with someone I could trust; someone with a wealth of experience who was naturally gifted.  Her qualities of patience and wisdom were very much appreciated from the outset.  It was an enlightening and truly relaxing experience." 



Get in touch and find out how Past Life Regression can assist you in your life and with your personal development.

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