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In the search for better health and after 18 years of working in this alternative field I have created my own approach to healing, a unique formula which includes psychological and spiritual integrative therapies a kind of energy psychology.


Using the healing properties of crystals which work on the energetic levels of the body or energy field (aura), and spirit release which is releasing negative attached energy that has become held within the energetic field, combined with the powerful effects of hypnotherapy.


How it works;


I am a conduit for healing energy to flow through me assisted by my spirit guides. Allowing for stuck /attached energy** within the physical and auric field to be released, whilst I utilise breathing techniques. I conduct a hands on crystal healing where I can intuit, sense, hear the emotions of the organs. The client's body will resonate to the healing energy eliminating dis-ease on every level, aligning the physical, spiritual, soul, conscious and subconscious. The soul is a slightly higher non-physical aspect of ourselves and spirit is a much higher energy vibration.Together we allow harmony, and well-being to flow back to the body.


Many of us are already aware that our subconcious mind and beliefs affect our state of being, so hypnotherapy is then applied for the issues at hand. This can be for past trauma as in inner child therapy, current life issues or even past life issues. Thus creating instant well-being even miraculous physical recoveries. This is POSITIVE LIGHT THERAPY.


Each therapy can be experienced as a stand-alone treatment as can be found on my web pages or combined in this way, a total plan tailor-made for each individual.


**If your immune system is at a low ebb due to stress, illness, hospitalisation or if you have suffered trauma or injury your body may struggle to heal itself as your spiritual energy will be low. This is when stuck or attached energy can begin to have a stronger effect allowing for an increase in an overall feeling of imbalance which may surface in any number of ways, fatigue, anger, anxiety, fustration, unnatural thoughts and feelings.



Please get in touch to book your Positive Light Therapy session or ask any questions you might have to find out how Positive Light Therapy can assist you in your personal development journey.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Kim Alexis


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